Catts can charge $10-$40 per day planned for a traveler. How much you charge is up to you, but these tips could help you decide: 

  1. Check out market prices: Search for other Catts in your area to find out what they go for.
  2. Factor in your destination: If your destination is very popular and there aren't many Catts available, you can charge more. If there are many Catts, you might want to keep your prices competitive to attract travelers.
  3. Factor in your knowledge/niche: Do you serve a very specific niche? If that's the case, you can charge a little bit more for your exclusive knowledge.
  4. Make your profile very attractive: The more attractive your profile, the more you can charge. Remember, your profile is where you showcase your knowledge and abilities. Sell your skills and exclusive insider expertise in your bio, and choose great photos that display friendliness and show just how awesome your destination is. 

Once you’ve landed on a number, go ahead and set your price