1. You must be considered  a micro-influencer in one of the following platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Blog, Pinterest, YouTube

2. You must have a following of 300+

3. You must have high engagement in your Social Profile

4. You must be older than 21.

5. You must post about your local outings or trips on a regular basis,. This validates to the world you’re knowledgeable about your city or travel destinations, and is the main reason why a traveler would hire you.

6. Your account must be validated by the Catt Development Team. Here’s how validation works:

  • Signup: Sign up as a Local Catt or as a Travel Catt .
  • Social Validation: In the signup choose what Social Profile you’d like to validate
  • Profile Validation: We evaluate each profile to find evidence of your knowledge and social presence.
  • Catt Academy: Once approved, attend your first Catt Academy Class: Be a Catt 101
  • Onboarding Call: Attend our Onboarding video call.
  • That’s it, you’re a  Catt now! ?