Catts earn per day planned in the itinerary they help create. There are no limits on the number of travelers you can help weekly, so how much you earn is up to you. 

Catts can charge $10-$40 per day planned for a traveler

You'll be able to set your rates in the Catt Dashboard to which you'll have access once you go through the Catt Onboarding. Apply to be a Catt here. 


A traveler is going to Destination X from 02/02-02/10 and decides to hire a Catt for planning. When hiring the Catt, the traveler decides planning is only necessary for 3 days of the trip: 

1. The traveler chooses on a calendar the 3 days where planning is necessary. 

2. The traveler pays: 3 x Your Rate  

3. You plan only the 3 days you were hired for.